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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Examination and Practical Skills
Edited by James Thomas and Tanya Monaghan
Oxford Handbooks Series
784 pages
Price: 9.890 Ft + delivery
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
Eighth Edition
Murray Longmore, Ian Wilkinson, Edward Davidson, Alexander Foulkes, and Ahmad Mafi
Oxford Handbooks Series
920 pages
Price: 10.900 Ft + delivery
Highly commended in the Medicine Category of the BMA Book Awards 2009

Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme
Second Edition
Nathalie Hurley, James Dawson, Stephan Sanders, and Simon Eccles
Oxford Handbooks Series
728 pages
Price: 10.990 Ft +  delivery

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   The Oxford Handbooks are the market-leading series of pocket handbooks for a broad medical readership, from students, junior doctors and specialist trainees, to nurses, dentists, paramedics, and allied health professionals. For more books search online.
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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation
Second Edition
Anthony Ward, Michael Barnes, Sandra Stark, and Sarah Ryan
Oxford Medical Handbooks
488 pages
Price:  8.000 HUF + delivery
Oxford Handbook of Sports and Exercise Medicine
(Oxford Handbooks Series)
by  Domhnall MacAuley
872 Pages
Price:  12.500 HUF + delivery
Oxford Handbook of Dialysis
(Oxford Handbooks Series)
by Jeremy Levy, Edwina Brown, Christine Daley, Anastasia Lawrence
703 pages
Price: 11.690 HUF + delivery 
Oxford Handbook of Medical Sciences
(Oxford Handbooks Series)
by Simon Cross, Dr. Robert Wilkins, Ian Megson, David Meredith
952 pages
Price:  10.500 HUF + delivery

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Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health
Oxford Handbooks Series
by Finlay Dick, Steven Sadhra, Julia Smedley
954 pages
Price: 11.890 HUF + delivery

Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
Oxford Handbooks Series
by Chris Johnson, Sarah Anderson, Jon Dallimore, Shane Winser, David A. Warrell
752 pages
Pricer: 12.590 HUF + delivery

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Oxford Handbook of General Practice and Emergencies in Primary Care Pack
Oxford Handbooks Series
by: Chantal Simon, Hazel Everitt, Francoise van Dorp, John Buckmaster, Karen O'Reilly, Robin Proctor
1456 pages
Price:  19.400 HUF + delivery
Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics
by: Angela Madden, Michelle Holdsworth, Joan Webster-Gandy
Oxford Handbooks Series
776 pages
Price: 10.980 HUF + delivery

Oxford Handbook of Applied Dental Sciences
Oxford Medical Handbooks
by Crispian Scully
672 pages
Price: 10.890 HUF  + delivery
Oxford Handbook of Medical Imaging
Oxford Medical Handbooks
by M J Darby (Editor), D Barron (Editor), R E Hyland (Editor) 
456 pages
Price: 12.500 HUF + delivery

Oxford Handbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
by Luke Cascarini, Clare Schilling, Ben Gurney, and Peter Brennan
Oxford Medical Handbooks
292 pages
Pricer: 10.990 HUF + delivery

Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence
James Harrison, Kunal Kulkarni, Mohamed Baguneid, and Bernard Prendergast
Oxford Medical Handbooks
936 pages
Pricer: 7.800 HUF + delivery
Oxford Handbook of Cardiology and Emergencies in Cardiology Pack
Oxford Medical Handbooks
by Punit Ramrakha, Jonathan Hill, Saul G. Myerson, Robin P. Choudhury, Andrew R. J. Mitchell 
744 + 456  pages
Price: 18.490 HUF + delivery
Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation
Oxford Handbooks Series
Third Edition
Edited by Drew Provan
Oxford Medical Handbooks
920 pages
Price: 11.990 HUF + delivery
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