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Medical Jobs Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Medical jobs
    Fluent Russian speaking Western Europe trained consultants needed for Belgium owned private hospitals in Azerbaijan (Baku)
Application Requirements

-    National of EU or European Community/European Economic Area (EEA) member state
-    primary medical qualification (PMQ) is from a university  of EU or EEA.
-    Fluent language skills in Russian and Minimum CEF (Common European Framework) B/2 level language  certificate in English
     (It is strongly advised to have higher almost fluent language skills in Russian.)
-    Trustworthy, flexibility, professional mentality
-    willingness to continue professional medical and language development
-    no more than 1 year of inactivity in professional career
And what can we offer for you ?!

- Outstanding salary in Euro (7000-8000 Euro/month)
- Accommodation
- Western European hospital working conditions, Mediterranean climate
- A stable and predictable working environment and career pathway
- Full background agency support in Belgium
- Professional and social appreciation

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Azerbaijan Medical Jobs
Fluent Russian speaking Western Europe trained consultants needed for private hospitals in Azerbaijan (Baku)
Azerbajdzsán (orosz orvosi állások)
Az azerbajdzsáni orvosi munka
Bakui orvosi állások
Azerbajdzsáni orvosi munka
Doctors Abroad    Azerbaijan 
Medical jobs in Baku
Job Offers

-    Internal Medicine Consultant                        
-    Radiology Consultant
-    Gynecology Consultant    
-    Cardiology Consultant                    
-    Paediatric Consultant             
-    Paediatric Oncology Consultant 
-    General Surgery Consultant      
-    Accident and Emergency (A&E) Consultant 

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If you do not speak Russian fluently, please DO NOT APPLY for position in Azerbaijan.
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