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Working In Kuwait
Salaries in Kuwait are usually similar to or greater than those paid in western countries.

But because the region has no personal taxation, net income is usually much greater, which is one of the major attractions of working in Kuwait. In the past, remuneration packages were split
into various elements: basic salary, car provision or allowance, housing provision or allowance, medical cover, education for children and air tickets for home visits. Today, however, employers tend just to pay a salary, which covers all these expenses, although in some cases there are performance or other bonuses.

Living in Kuwait
Kuwait is situated at the Northeast of the Arabian Peninsula and is located on the edge of the Persian Gulf. It borders Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The name Kuwait is derived from the Arabic ‘Akwat’ the plural of ‘Kout’ meaning ‘fortress built near water’. The area of Kuwait is 20,000 square kilometres and its population is approximately 3.4 million. The capital is Kuwait city and is located near the coast. It is the 11th richest country in the world and has the worlds 5th largest oil reserves. The climate in Kuwait is hot.
It is the 11th richest country in the world and has the worlds 5th largest oil reserves. The climate in Kuwait is hot. It is a flat and sandy country, with the highest point being 306 metres. The temperature ranges from 7 degrees Celsius in winter to 43 degrees in summer. During June and July you will get to experience dramatic sandstorms due to the north westerly wind.

Things to do in Kuwait – Explore Failaka Island, Al Jahra City, Kazhrah desert cliffs, explore the desert, play golf, go horse riding, enjoy a spa, swimming and diving, boating, explore the vast shopping malls and unique markets.

The land area of Kuwait is about 17,818 square kilometers, or roughly the size of Wales. Kuwait is a closely-knit society, the people are well educated and many speak English fluently.

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