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A kuvaiti orvosi munka

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Immigration Information


Visit visas are available on arrival at Kuwait International Airport for passport holders from the major European countries, North America, and south-east Asian countries including Singapore.

The cost is KD 3, except for citizens of the UK, USA, Italy, Norway and Sweden, for whom there is no charge. All other visitors to Kuwait, other than GCC citizens, require a visa and need to be ‘sponsored’. Sponsorship may only be provided by a Kuwaiti citizen or a Kuwaiti company.

Foreigners with a valid residence permit are permitted to sponsor dependants. To work in Kuwait you need a work permit and a residence visa.

Employees will also need a medical certificate confirming they are fit to work. If you sign your contract in Kuwait while on a visit visa, you will need to leave Kuwait and go through the same process (it is common practice for companies to send locally recruited employees to Bahrain for these procedures).

» Consultant and Registrar in Obs. and Gyne.
» Registrar in Emergency Medicine
» SHO in Emergency Medicine
» Registrarin Internal (General) medicine
» Registrar in Anaesthesia

Professional Registration

To work as a Consultant and Senior Consultant in Kuwait, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements:

American specialty Board Certificate
or UK Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (C.C.S.T)
or Inclusion in the GMC Specialist Register or western qualifications
Plus a minimum of 5 years (post board/certificate) experience at consultant level is required.
Ajánlj egy álláskereső kollegát és keress vele pénz (300 Euró/Fő) Íme a  "Hopper" ajánló programunk.