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A szaúd-arábiai orvosi munka

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szaúd-arábiai orvosi állás
A szaúd-arábiai orvosi munka

Szaktanácsadás és állásközvetítés orvosoknak és egészségügyi dolgozóknak külföldi munkavállaláshoz immáron 18 országba professzionális színvonalon
Szaúd-Arábiai orvosi munka
Szaúd-Arábiai orvos munka
you would be expected to wear a light black Abayya or cloak from your shoulders to your ankles, over your normal clothes as well as a scarf to cover your hair. You do not need to cover your face. For men, long pants are required in public places. Collared t-shirts are acceptable, but not singlets. Sandals and thongs are the standard foot wear in this hot climate. Whilst these rules can seem strict to some, every country has their own laws and customs and learning to abide by them is all a part of the adventure. There is still an active social life in Saudi Arabia within the compounds and you are still able to dine out with friends and lead an active life. Also, keep in mind that you are just a flight away from a weekend in Abu Dhabi and Dubai!

Employees of our clients are offered very attractive employment packages. Listed below are some of the benefits that you can expect to receive:

The lifestyle in Saudi Arabia is generally quieter than other Middle Eastern countries. This is due to the fact that they have a strict legal system based on the Holy Islamic Koran under Sharia Law. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia and when traveling outside of the hospital and the compounds
Working In Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is a large desert country which reaches from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf and borders seven other Middle Eastern countries. It is named after the royal family that currently raines over the kingdom. The capital is Riyadh which is located in land. The area of Saudi Arabia is 2,149,690 square kilometres and is made up of thirteen provinces. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a population of 27.6 million and all its citizens practice the Muslim religion by law. The economy is based around oil as they are the largest exporter in the world. The climate here is hot and humid and that is due to most of

Living in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia being desert which is uninhabited. The average temperature is 42 degrees Celsius, but usually exceeds 50 degrees. Coastal locations are cooler as the temperature here does not usually exceed 35 degrees. During winter the temperature does not get above 7 degrees and occasionally a sprinkling of snow may occur in the Southern Mountains.

Things to do in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Go on a desert excursions, visit the sand dunes, scuba dive in the Red Sea, visit the amusement parks, go horse riding and camel riding.

Saudi Arabia has long been thought of as barren land, offering only sand and camels. This is simply not the case. Saudi Arabia has what is known as closed borders?, meaning you are not able to obtain a tourist visa to enter the country. Only those traveling for work or business may obtain a visa to enter. We believe that it is the lack of exposure of this beautiful country to the rest of the world, that has led to such myths. Saudi Arabia has many beautiful cities, each a thriving metropolis of designer shops, restaurants and ancient markets. We recruit for hospitals based in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al Ahsa and Yanbu. These cities offer a varied and different lifestyle to the next, each with their own special experiences for the enthusiastic traveler.
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Szaúd-Arábiai orvosi állás
Szaúd-Arábiai orvosi munka
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