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Working In Singapore
Singapore is committed to remaining at the forefront of health care provision as the regional centre of medical excellence. Both the public and private sectors are well funded and are continually seeking to upgrade their services and facilities. The Government has reaffirmed Singapore’s interest in staying ahead in high tech medicine,
and has called on the private sector to keep abreast of latest developments and to invest in the emerging technology, to maintain Singapore’s edge in providing quality medical care.

In the heart of Asia lies Singapore - a bustling, world-class city-state that has made waves around the world for its business excellence, connectivity to the rest of the world, and innovation. With its high standard of living, political stability and cosmopolitan outlook, Singapore is the ideal place to work, live and play.

Where Life is Good.

Living in Singapore
Singapore is a republic in Southeast Asia of 710 sq km, approximately one degree north of the equator. The island is safe from natural calamities and the climate is tropical all year round.

The signature trait of Singapore is its multi-cultural makeup. Its people are made of Chinese (76.8%), Malay (13.9%), Indian (7.9%) and other races. This diversity also translates into a unique mix of religions, languages, cultural traditions and cuisines. The successful integration of the different segments of population has created a quiet respect for each other. In Singapore, it is not uncommon to find a mosque next to a temple, and mixed marriages reinforcing social cohesion.

The standard of living is high in Singapore. This is evident even by just walking around the city. Spanking new shopping malls and towering skyscrapers trace the Singapore skyline, while people travel on clean streets and a modern public transport system.
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