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egyesült arab emirátusi orvosi állás
Az egyesült arab emirátusi orvosi munka

Szaktanácsadás és állásközvetítés orvosoknak és egészségügyi dolgozóknak külföldi munkavállaláshoz immáron 18 országba professzionális színvonalon
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Immigration Information

The United Arab Emirates authorities have taken many steps to make the immigration process as straightforward as possible. Apart from the fact that citizens of 39 countries (i.e. GCC nationals plus nationals of listed countries) do not require visas prior to arrival at a UAE airport, there are efficient systems in place to facilitate visitors not falling into one of the above categories. If you are coming to work in the UAE you will require a visa that can only be obtained on your behalf by your employer or sponsor.

All candidates will be issued with a visitors Visa in order to start work in the UAE. Upon completion of a probationary 3 month period, the candidate will then be given a residency permit. The residency visa is valid for 3 years once it is issued.

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» Consultant and Registrar in Obs. and Gyne
» Registrar in Emergency Medicine
» SHO in Emergency Medicine
» Registrar in Internal (General) medicin
» Registrar in Anaesthesia

Professional Registration


•    Relevant medical qualification
•    U.S. Board Certification or Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in U.K. or Canada (or equivalent)
•    A minimum of 3 years post-board experience
•    Hold current licence/registration in country of residency
•    Post graduate qualifications are desirable
•    PALS, BLS desirable

Benefits include:

•    Tax free salary
•    Accommodation/Accommodation allowance
•    Furniture allowance
•    Water and electricity allowance
•    Transport allowance
•    Education allowance
•    Flights
•    Luggage allowance
•    Annual leave
•    Medical/Emergency cover
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